What did I do before body building?
Before bodybuilding I was going to college to major in Marine Biology. Outside of school I was involved in improv, had a hot rod/muscle car hobby, and I was into building/repairing computers. I tried to get involved in different activities and always kept myself busy.
What I did before bodybuilding
What did I do before body building?
When did you get involved in Bodybuilding?
I played sports so I had to be fit to play my role in the game. I do admit I was a fatty little thing. I had a little belly and huge thighs. My nickname was thunder thighs. Once in a while I lifted weights but I didn't know nothing about how to lift a weight or exercise with weight training. My whole life did a 360 when I was 20 yrs old. I really wasn't a fan of muscles and bodybuilding. I thought it was silly. I wanted to give bodybuilding a try as I believe you have to try everything once in life. At that point I wanted to do something that I never done before. I ran into an old friend that was a bodybuilder. I told her I wanted to compete in a show. I had no idea the lifestyle change I was getting into. Nor did I know it was going to forever change my life.
I strongly believe that anyone can achieve anything thier hearts desire. You just have to believe in yourself and in your dreams. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Some people say I can't do it or I could never achieve my goals. Never say never or you can't do something. Of course you can. I don't just mean bodybuilding, I mean everything and anything in life. Trust me, I know this from experience. I didn't have an easy life growing up, I had to keep my chin up and keep moving forward. I admit, bodybuilding is one of the toughest sports. You have to mentally focused and be very discipline.
How and when I got involved into bodybuilding/lifting weights
When did you get involved in Bodybuilding?
How often do I train?
I get up at 6am to do cardio 3 to 4 days a week and train 5 days a week. Its a full schedule as its work, train, eat, sleep.

My Training routine:
1 body part a day
calves, abs 2 x a week

A typical day in my life
How often do I train?
What did I do before body building?When did you get involved in Bodybuilding?How often do I train?

Fun Facts:

How to be sucessful in bodybuilding:

1. Think positive
2. Stay on your diet (this is critical) If you make one little mistake on your diet it could set you back. On top of that your giving the other competition an advantage. Think Big, How bad do you want it!
3. Be dedicated and determined to be the best.
4. Don’t slack cardio
5. Don’t skip meals and most of all training
6. Be strong minded
7. Believe in yourself as you area champion
8. Have fun

Offseason favorite cheat food(s)

  • Calamari
  • cheesebuger with bacon
  • orange flavored chicken
  • rice and beans
  • pepperoni n cheese pizza with extra cheese
  • tiramisu
  • cheesecake


  • Collecting vintage muscle magazines
  • Scuba diving
  • Offshore fishing
  • Traveling
  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Acting
  • Modeling
  • Swimming
  • Ice sculpting
  • Working with the Humane Society
  • Surfing
  • Reading to pump my neurons
  • Learning new languages : I currently speak English, Spanish, German, some Italian and a tiny bit of Russian
  • Helping the homeless